SGSE - Vanderbilt SPC Panles Integration


ACRE SPC intrusion panels are integrated into Mobotix HUB through the plug-in developed by SGSE to complete the main demand in the mid-large deployments in the security market.
Full details of the Solution are available under the follow link:

Again, we can monitor the status of our intrusion system, as well as receive events when alarms occur. We can also interact with the panel from the Smart Client through the commands enabled in the contextual menu of each icon, or through specific actions on the panel through rules.

And in this case, we can monitor the status of the X-BUS, thanks to the supervision of the alerts related to the keyboards and expanders connected to it.

Start Up

To integrate our SPC panel intoMobotix HUB, it must have the FlexC protocol (available from firmware version 3.6) and an Ethernet connection.

The Vanderbilt SPC panels actively establish communication through the FlexC protocol, so we will have to configure the corresponding parameters in the panel to communicate with the plugin, and in turn we will have to configure the plugin so that it is up to date. waiting to receive this communication.

The process is very simple. In addition to the panel configuration, it is enough to register the plugin as an ATP (alarm transmission path) in an ATS (alarm transmission system) of the panel. In the configuration of said ATP, we will have to indicate the IP address and the port on which the plugin will be waiting for the connection.



Supported Sensors:
Detector (default value)


Magnetic contact


Glass break

Sismic sensor

Panic button


Approval Infos:
Tested with MOBOTIX HUB 2023 R1 by SGSE
Date Aug 2023