T25 as SIP client for Fritz!Box 7530?

Dear Mobotix community,

Has anyone succeeded in connecting a T25 as SIP client with one of the recent Fritz!Box routers, running Fritz!OS 7.xx, so that the Mobotix can call the other DECT/VOIP phones connected to the router?

I have followed the older video tutorial from Schirra-IT, but the camera’s status keeps saying that the connection to the SIP server timed out. There are no network issues, the camera can ping the router, and the router’s SIP server is accessible to other SIP softphones using the same login credentials.

At this point the only possible suspect is the SIP client protocol implemented in the T25, but I have no way to capture network traffic to observe exactly what’s going on, in more detail than the log displays.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

I also struggled several times with FritzBox connections.
In my case it finally works with 7.21 on the FritzBox (7520, so basically the same model) and latest Mobotix Software (I have a T26 however).Find my screenshots attached.
You could also check the instructions in the Videos from „camtelligence“ which I followed when setting it up.