Temperature measurement calibration


I would like to ask you for advice. I need to make a alarm that will by trigger when some object will have more than 80℃. I used for a test kettle with boiling water and on:

  • from 25 meters camera mesure 57℃,
  • from 15 meters camera mesure 70℃
  • from 7 meters camera mesure 88℃

How can I reduce difrenc betwen measurements and growing distance?

Also I wona ask how I can check how far can be the obcect with temperature I wants to mesure and how big it must be?

I will be grateful for your help.

Best regards

Hi Arek,

Here’s some documentation that maybe could help you to configure alarms and notifications, even some basic concepts about thermal

Tutorial-EBT-Mobotix-NoBBR.pdf (4,7 MB)

In case of reduce “difference between measurements” some good practices are related to implement a black body solutions as reference on the camera’s image