Troubleshooting: MOBOTIX HUB DeskClient displays the error message "Error connecting to database"

Usually the cause is special characters in the camera name or spaces at the end of the camera name.The problem may occur in the versions of MOBOITX HUB® that use the Administrator application for configuration.


The following example is a camera name that contains both special characters and a space at the end of the name.The image server cannot process the camera name.

“[Parking Lot A] Camera 1 (N)”

  • Special characters:The brackets around “N”.
  • Space:The space at the end of the camera name.

Troubleshooting steps

You can fix the problem by renaming the camera to remove the space at the end of the name and the special characters.

The camera name must be changed, but video data will still be recorded. Once you have corrected the name, the camera is present in the HUB DeskClient and you can access the recorded video data.