Troubleshooting: MxMC - Error causes for missing/grey grid tiles

When displaying large grids with many tiles there are potentially 3 different error causes for lost/grey images:

  1. It could be a load problem of the MxMC computer’s network interface: by retrieving many streams with high data rate the network interface could reach the 1GBit limit and then there are lost eventstream data on both sides: the MxMC can’t receive all data any more and the camera in the other side can’t send it any more. This results in eventstream error messages on both sides.
    → this could be evaluated by checking the computer’s network load in the “WIndows Resource Manager” at a point in time when the MxMC “looses” images.

  2. Another error cause could be a system overload with respect to the number of frames to be displayed by MxMC in a grid per second. Here there could be an overload of the CPU core, where the process responsible for the drawing actions (the “mainthread”) runs.
    → this could be evaluated by checking the computer’s CPU load of the individual cores at a point in time when the MxMC “looses” images. The CPU with the “mainthread” then goes up to the maximum of 100% and MxMC can’t display all images any more. See also the MxCommunity article for details about that.

  3. A 3rd error cause could be an internal problem with the “Qt event queue”, which sometimes occurs during high system loads and has been revealed during the last weeks. This will be improved by the new V2.7 or latest V2.7.1 of the MxMC with a significantly improved behaviour for the display of many grid tiles at the same time (improved “rendering engine”)
    → this situation can’t be directly detected by monitoring the system resources - it often occurs after a system overload caused the problem #2 described above.