Use and choice of integration protocol

I reviewed the admin settings of my three Q26 cams and found to my surprise that under integration protocol each of them had a different setting (Genetec, Genetec + ONVIF, ONVIF). As I am not using them for streaming into any other application, I plan to set the Integration Protocol of all three cams to be “Off”.

I have also noticed minor differences in “behaviour” (resolution, configuration menus, etc.) between the three Q26 cams.

Do you have any recommendations of when to use which setting for integration protocols? Am I right to assume that the best setting for me is “Off” in order to have maximum configuration flexibility and resolution flexibility?

Hello alpinemartin!

Yes, you are correct that if you do not the require the stream to be utilised in any other 3rd party applications then it would be recommended to not use any of the settings within the Integration Protocols page. It is worth noting that the configuration (particularly resolution and “General Image Settings”) will be affected depending on what settings are being used under Integration Protocols (So turning them to OFF will restore all control directly to the camera rather than 3rd party).

As for ‘when’ to use Integration Protocols it definitely relies on having a 3rd party service and which settings to use will depend on what that service accepts in terms of streaming - whether it be simple RTP, RTSP, RTSP+ONVIF or native Genetec integration.

I hope this helps!

Hi MxJustinH,

I have tried to change the Integration Protocol Setting to “Off” on my 3 Q26 cams. 2 of my cams accepted the change and now have setting “Off” (the configuration is saved and the cam is rebooted). On the last one of my Q26. The setting does not take effect and the cam remains with “Genetec” as the integration protocol setting. I have used exactly the same technique or setting the integration protocol setting to “Off”. How can I solve the problem? What do I need to do / to check?

Regards, Martin

Hi Mx-JustinH,

Just to let you know, I identified the cause of the problem, which prevented me from changing the Integration Protocol settings to “Off”: As the camera was delivered to me from the distributor, it contained an original (unchanged) password for ONVIF settings. I removed that password and was then able to change the Integration Protocol settings to “Off”.