Genetec integration: Best practise

Genetec Software might change the settings of the camera, lowering the quality of the cameras image and performance.

In various experiments, we have developed these 3 simple steps for best possible results:

  1. Prepare Camera:
    On the cameras admin Menu–>Integration protocols make sure to set the MxPeg stream properties to defaults. Genetec uses MxPeg by default, if H264 is used, adjust H264 stream accordingly to defaults.

  2. Add camera into Genetec, or change settings to match these:
    The important part is to leave the “Quality” at “Default Settings”!

  3. Back to the camera, Admin Menu–>Integration protocols.
    The settings have ben altered by Genetec.
    In MxPEG settings again, make sure to manually enter „0“ for the Frame rate, and set the Image size to „Original (0x0)“.

The live image Stream of the camera in a browser should now be very close to the one Genetec displays.
Any change to this might change the performance to the worse again.

Some more information can be found here:
(upload://lxOjGvszXbKfRKvjDFwRb7P1rAQ.pdf) (916.8 KB)