Verification Link is invalid - How to get a valid one?

In the MOBOTIX CLOUD, new users or accounts are invited via an email from

An activation link (URL) is embedded in this email. Users can activate the account/user via this activation link.

For security reasons, such activation links are only active for a few hours and usually expire after 48 hours.

This procedure is familiar to many of us from Dropbox, email accounts or vaccination emails.

What to do if a link of the MOBOTIX CLOUD has expired?

  1. MOBOTIX CLOUD Partners will initially receive a reseller account from the MOBOTIX AG sales department after signing the Cloud Agreement. If this link has expired, the sales department can resend your invitation! Get back to
  2. Users of a Cloud Reseller Account can create own users for their employees in their Cloud Reseller Account. If the invitation link has expired, the Admin of the Partner Reseller Account can resend the invitation email. In this case, please contact your admin of the reseller account. (MOBOTIX AG does not have access to the users of the reseller accounts!)
  3. User of a Cloud Sub Account (End User Account). In this case, the Partner initially creates the Admin of the Sub Account and the Partner or later the Admin of the Sub Account can resend the invitation emails for the users. (MOBOTIX AG has no access to the users of the sub accounts!)