App should be able to open my door, the door should be opened thenby executing a http request

How can I configure the action which should be executed when the user presses the door opening function in the app?
My door can be opened by a remote http call.
I have no hardware connected to open the door.

I have a soft button “Open Door” where I have configured an IP Notify Profile to be executed which works fine.


due to the fact that T26 has no physical switching-output, this needs to be „faked“.

Only then you will have the virtual switching-output „door“ available (to be used with network commands).

For the „fake“ you need to activate MX-232-IO-Box USB (you don‘t need to have this box physically).

Next you need to associate one of the outputs of this fake MX-232-IO-Box USB with the door opening function.

Finally you need a trigger event to be configured for door opening.

Thats basically it, maybe the Mobotix guys here have a more detailed how-to with some screenshots, but this should point you in the right direction