Cannot open/close gates since latest app update


Since the latest app update last week, I cannot open or close the gates. The open/close button is now completely greyed out.

Please help,

Kind regards

Hello and welcome to our community.

I assume you are referring to MxBell.
MOBOTIX is aware of this and currently working on a fix for this issue. If everything works out as planned, this update version will be available by the end of this calendar week (mar. 10, 2019).

We are now one year later and I still cannot open the door with MxBell.
As far as I know I am using the latest version of MxBell: 2.1.2f400.
Is anyone actually working on this?

Just received an update: 2.2.0f200.
Unfortunately cannot open the door or speak to the person at the door…

I would have thought that this was a major bug to be fixed…