Choosing Camera POE Class

The power consumption of the camera depends on the functions in use as well as any peripheral devices connected (see table below). PoE classes 2 or 3 may be selected in the browser-based user interface in order to optimally adjust the camera to your system design (PoE switch in use, emergency power concept, etc.).


Usually the default POE class set in the camera is working just fine and nothing needs to be changed. But in case that it needs to be changed (to a higher or a lower power class) for a specific project, it can be done in the admin menu of the camera.

Open the cameras web interface in a browser and select admin menu–>Network Setup–>Ethernet Interface.


There under the menu point Ethernet Hardware Options–>Power Supply click Change.


In the next dialogue you will be given the option to change the POE class.



Be careful. In order for the changes to take place you need (after the process is complete) to physically disconnect the camera from the power supply(POE switch)