Conexao O-Insights LoRaWAN Plugin for MOBOTIX HUB EN

LoRa plugin facilitates communication between MOBOTIX HUB and any LoRa Sensors/IoT Devices.

O-Insights The LoRaWAN plugin/driver enables the communication between Milestone XProtect and any LoRa Sensor or IoT Gateways that gives data over LoRa like temperature, humidity, lumosity (Lux Level), noise, accelerometer, etc.

This integration with LoRa allows LoRaWAN gateways to get sensor information to XProtect. The alarms and sensor values can be visualized in the XProtect Alarm Console, Agile Workspace and Maps.

Key features

  • Get data from any LoRa Gateway that gets data from LoRa Sensors into Milestone XProtect
  • Get LoRa sensor data on Milestone Maps with the plugin for Milestone Maps
  • Get live alarms based on alarms generated in LoRa Gateway

What is needed to use the plugin:

  • O-Insights LoRaWAN Plugin

How it works:

Data fetched through O-Insights LoRaWAN Plugin on Map

Data from O-Insights LoRaWAN Plugin

Download / Support information

How to install the plugin:

Run installer:

  1. Run the setup file to install the plugin

  2. Enter the MOBOTIX HUB credentials for configuring the O-Insights Service

  3. The typical install path usually is c:\Program Files\OInsights LoRaWAN Service

Get Host ID for license creation:

  1. If you already have a valid license file for this pc, this step is not needed
  2. Run the HostID app to fetch the HOSTID of the pc.
  3. This HOSTID needs to be provided to generate the product license.

Copy License File

  1. Copy the license file to the ‘License’ folder inside the directory where the product is installed.

Check for Services

  1. The driver consists of the following windows services:
  • O-Insights
  • O-Insights LorawanService
    Ensure that the account used for the LoraWan Service is a valid Milestone Windows account.

Restarting services

Make sure the services are running. Any change in LoraWan configuration will need the services to be restarted.


MOBOTIX HUB LoRa Datasheet.pdf (1.6 MB)