How to reset the Door Station and MxBus modules


In some cases a Door Station must be initalized. If the Auto-Configuration fails it might be that the MxBus modules were not initialized properly. This is the reason why in many cases it is recommended to initiliaze the system.

A system compromised of Door Station , MxBus modules and Remote Stations (MxDisplay , Grandstream phones, etc) it is recommended to initialize all the devices:

Reset the camera

To reset the camera follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the web interface and click on Admin Menu

Step 2. Click on Reset configuration to factory defaults.

Step 3. Click on Reset MxBus Modules

A new prompt will pop-up , Reset all MxBus modules to factory defauts, click OK

Step 4. From the drop-down menu select Completely replace the current configuration

Step 5. Click on Reset to factory defaults to open the Reset window.

Step 6. Click on Store to save the configuration with factory values.

Hardware reset the MxBus modules

Step 1. Remove the cap or housing of the MxBus module to gain access to the circuit board located in the device.

Step 2. Bridge the contact surfaces, for example, with a flat screwdriver, to perform the factory reset. The contact surfaces are positioned differently depending on the device in question (see figures).

KeypadRFID / BellRFID


GPS-Box and RS-232-IO-Box

Step 3. Keep the surfaces bridged until three short beeps are followed by a longer one. This pattern indicates that the process is complete. At the same time both LEDs of the module flash green at regular intervals, indicating that the process is complete.

Step 4. Put on the cap or housing again and connect the MxBus module to the camera.

For resetting additional MxBus modules, please check How to reset MxBus modules for reinstallation.

Reset the MxDisplay

To reset the MxDisplay to the factory settings, navigate to the path shown below in the MxDisplay settings

Settings > Installation > Display Configuration > Manage Settings > Factory Reset

Reset the Grandstream phones

To reset the Grandstream video phones to the factory settings, navigate to the path shown below in the device menu (called up via the phone display):

Menu > Settings > Maintenance > Upgrade > Full Reset > Reset