MxDisplay does not appear in the list of Remote Stations

Despite of the setup instructions were followed correctly,
in some cases the MxDisplay might not be added to the door stations list of Remote Stations.
Door Bell signaling on the MxDisplay will not be possible without the Display in this list.
As first measure, please remove the camera out of the MxDisplay. Reset the display to factory settings and use the setup assistant in order to locate the door station camera and add it to the Display.
Make sure to use a username/password combination existing in the admin group of the door stations “users and groups” menu.

Should this fail, you can add the Display into the cameras Remote Station list manuall by editing the cameras configuration file:
Open http://IpOFCam/admin/showconfig?edit
Locate SECTION concierge.json
Use this template to add your device underneath the line “ring_devs”.
The “id” is an incermantal number starting with 17000 for the first device in the list.
Increase this number by 1 for each new device added.

“id”: <unique_device_id>,
“name”: “MxDisplay_<mac_of_display_without_colon>”,
“deviceid”: “<mac_of_display_without_colon>”,
“profile”: null,
“type”: “eventstream”

For example, a working entry looks similar to this one:
“ring_devs” : [
“id” : 17000
“deviceid” : “00:03:c5:07:xx:xx”,
“name” : “MxDisplay-00:03:c5:07:xx:xx”,
“type” : “eventstream”,

Important note:
Should the SECTION concierge.json be empty or not exist at all, you will need to reset the camera to factory defaults and follow the instructions for the automatic initial setup for door stations. The whole door station function consists out of very many additional settings than just he remote stations.

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