Field locked in MXmanagement tool


Thanks to the reply of @Mx-MaikC I am able to set settings on multiple camera’s.

But as you can see on the image, community string field is locked.
If I enable SNMP and not able to fill in the community string it does not help me.

Any idea why this field is locked and better how to unlock the field?

The Locked button is only a security feature, so that you can see the clear String.
When you click into this field you can enter you Community String and send this to this or other cameras.

When you then check this in the WebUI you will see that this has been transfered correctly

Thanks again I understand that, But this “Read Only Community string” field is not editable in the Management app. I see a blinking cursor but nothing happens when I type. When I fill in this filed via the webui then then check in the app I can see the value, but the whole idea is that I can type this in the app and then copy to other (groups) of camera’s.

Thanks for your patience with this basic user :wink:

Additional detail: when I specify the community password in one of the camera’s and then look at that cam via de MX management app I can see the password indeed. But In that case I cannot drag and drop this setting to other camera’s in the configuration bar.

This drag and drop works well with other settings.

So it seems the MX management app cannot handle the fields with a lock icon. I would be very pleased if you can help me out with this since we have been struggling with this for a week now and have to update approximately two hundred camera’s