How can I use an external gong for additional signaling

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If needed, a separate external gong can be triggered when someone rings at a doorstation. This can be done if there is a free signal output available on any MxBus module attached to the doorstation.

If no free signal output is available, e.g. a MX-OPT-IO1 module or a MX-232-IO-Box could be used. In these cases, an external power supply (e.g. a 12V DC bell transformer) is needed.

To trigger an external gong via a free signal output e.g. on a MX-OPT-IO1 module, configure this as below:

  1. Make sure that the signal output (e.g. iLi) is not used in another way. After the autoconfiguration of a doorstation the signal outputs are set to a standard. This needs to be change via Admin Menu → Assign Wires → required signal output → Not connected.
  2. Create a new signal output profile at Admin Menu → Signal Out Profiles → Add new profile → IO Module: int. Lights with the settings “On on alarm with timer” and a Signal Output Duration of 2 seconds.

  1. Link the signal input event “RingOK” with the signal output profile “Gong” at Setup Menu → Action Group Overview → Add new group → Edit → Event Selection: Internal: RingOK (alternatively select the signaling event of a specific bell button instead) → Add new action → Action 1: the previously created signal output profile (in our example: “Signal Out: Gong”).