How to Configure a Keypad to turn a Light On and Off


This article explains the step by step configuration of how turn on / off lights via PIN on the Keypad. The basic principles outlined here can be used to have a PIN trigger any output.

General Assumptions

  • Please make sure that you have connected your camera to the network properly and your camera is reachable.

  • The camera with MxBus interface is in factory default configuration except for network settings.

  • The Keypad is in factory default configuration or reset.

  • The MxBus connection between the camera and MxBus devices (Keypad) has been done correctly

  • The light is connected to the Keypad’s output which is not self powered.

  • The camera has already been added to MxMC.

Please refer to the diagram of the application below.


  • Admin Menu > Manage MxBus Modules

Select the “Activate” Softbutton for the Keypad


The Keypad will then appear as “Running”


Configure the MxMessages for the MxBus Modules

  • Admin Menu > Network Distribution of Messages

Ensure that Networking is enabled


  • Admin Menu > Message Configuration for MxBus Modules


  • Load Configuration of Connected Devices

  • Select Edit Messages


  • Add the Messages “lights_on” and “lights_off”

It is recommended to set the Messages to “Global”


  • Select the Keypad in order to assign the messages to the output and PIN codes to the messages.


  • Write Configuration

Using MxManagement Center to manipulate the Outputs

It is possible to also be able to activate and deactivate the output via Hyperlinks on MxMC

  • Right click on the ‘‘Hyperlinks’’ icon in the Tool Bar in MxManagementCenter.


  • Click ‘’+’’ symbol to add a Hyperlink

You will need to create two Hyperlinks (one for lights_on and the other lights_off)




With these settings:

  • ‘’10’’ is pressed followed by OK in the Keypad, output of the Keypad will be ‘’On’’.

  • ‘’20’’ is pressed followed by OK in the Keypad, output of the Keypad will be ‘‘Off’’.

Always consider the technical specifications of the cameras and MxBus modules and check their brochure to make sure whether you need an additional equipment such as relays, power supplies etc.

Remember that the length of the MxBus cable should not be more than 100 meters (300 feet).

The settings may be changed and adapted differently according to the application.


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