[How To] Customer Counter in ManagementCenter

First you need to configure the “Accumulated Difference of Counting Corridors” in the camera and add the camera in ManagementCenter

This works since the 2.3.1 version of ManagementCenter. It can be found under Windows–>Customer Counter.

A new window will open, there press the menu button.

and choose the cameras that have the Analytics configured.

You can change the Title, the texts that will be shown in when Access is Granted or Denied, Update Interval and also set Counter Limit and Offset Value.

The use of Icons provides the following results:

You are under the occcupancy limit and people are allowed to enter.

You have reached or exceeded the set limit.

If you dont use the Icons, the amount of people that are still allowed to enter will be displayed.

until you reach that limit and after that the counter will be zeroed