MOBOTIX Bridge Offline Troubleshoot Guide EN

The Bridge is not accessible via the Cloud dashboard and shows a red exclamation mark as in the screenshot below.



Then this may be due to the following theme:

  • Bridge is behind a firewall that blocks the necessary ports.
  • The bridge no longer has an Internet connection → Contact the service provider.
  • Bridge is not switched on (power failure etc.) → check infrastructure

Troubleshooting FW problems:
A: Connect a monitor locally to the bridge.
B: Connect to the bridge via SSH

Connect via monitor

You may encounter a problem where a bridge reports as Internet Offline but expects to be reflected as Online. The most effective troubleshooting method would be to have a monitor and USB keyboard that you can connect to the bridge and run some diagnostic tests.

  • Log in with the bridge’s password User name/password. User Admin and Password in factory state the last 5 digits of the Bridge S/N e.g. 48341.

  • Navigate to Network Diagnostic Info and run the test.

  • Perform the following steps depending on the results.

No connection detected

Check the network connection. If the address is static, the problem is probably because the settings do not match the device it is connected to. If this is the case, capture the WAN settings, images of other device settings and physical network connections.

Check that the port to which the bridge is connected is enabled. You can test this by connecting your computer and going to the Google website.

Make sure the cable is OK.

IP address, but no connection to the cloud possible

The problem is probably that the required outgoing ports are not open. Make sure the network administrator has met the network requirements. After checking that all the required ports are open, contact support with the network settings.

Access with SSH
For Windows users, the programme PuTTY can be used.

  • Download PuTTY
  • Make sure that the network interface of your laptop is set to DHCP.
  • Connect your laptop directly to the CamLAN port of the Bridge.
  • Start Putty
  • Enter in the Host Name bar.
  • Enter 22 in the Port Name bar.
  • You may receive a PuTTY security warning, select No
  • Enter the credentials, (admin and machine password e.g. 48341).
  • Select Network Diagnostic Info

Clarify possible error messages with your IT.
When contacting our support, please provide the following information:

  • Bridge ESN
  • Account name/Reseller
  • Screenshot: Network diagnostics image
  • Contact details of technician and reseller