MOBOTIX CLOUD - Bridge CamLan DHCP options EN

The MOBOTIX Bridge offers two Ethernet ports to connect the Bridge to the cameras and the Internet.

  • WAN Port
  • CamLan Port

Typically, to separate the cameras from the Internet, the connection to the Internet router is realised on the WAN port of the bridge and the bridge obtains an address for the WAN port from the router. In this case, the WAN port is the DHCP client.

The CamLan port is only connected to the camera network and acts as a DHCP server for the connected cameras.

In contrast to the standard scenario, cameras that are connected to the bridge via the WAN port can also be managed.

Setting options for the Local Bridge:

The settings cannot be changed via the web interface over the Internet/network. This always requires a direct connection to the bridge:

  1. Smartphone connected to the Bridge via USB cable
  1. monitor and keyboard connected directly to the bridge
  2. via network and SSH terminal