MOBOTIX CLOUD - How to replace a camera / Swap a camera - EN

Performing a Camera Swap

In the case you have to replace or change a camera in your Sub Account for example in the case the camera got´s damaged and you want replace the camera. The best way to keep to link the exisiting footage of the former camera to the new camera is to perform a camera swap.

  1. Ensure the new camera is set up correctly (with an ONVIF profile if necessary). Otherwise the camera will not show in Available Cameras.

If ONVIF needs to be set up within the camera, ensure the ONVIF user is set to ‘administrator’ and the password only contains upper/lower case letters and numbers with no special characters (unless required). ONVIF user credentials will be the credentials you enter into the MOBOTIX CLOUD system instead of the main camera login credentials.

  1. Perform the physical replacement of the old camera with the new camera.

  2. If configured properly it will populate in the Available Cameras section.

If required: Click the Envelope Icon and fill out the required information to request support for the device. Leave the camera connected and our Camera Support Team will update you via email on the status of your request.

The camera may also take a minute to load after showing in Available Cameras to be displayed as supported.

  1. To perform the swap, select the ‘Swap’ button under Actions for the new camera and select the offline camera you’re replacing.

  2. Confirm the replacement.

The camera swap process may take up to 10 minutes, if the camera does not come online reach out to