MOBOTIX SYNC - Enable Basic Authentication for third party access

In the case where the MOBOTIX Sync would be implemented in another Application , the way of how authentication of this 3rd party application requires the method “Basic Authentication” for example the MOBOTIX HUB VMS Plugin – MOBOTIX Sync Dashboard or the MOBOTIX Sync Dashboard for the Milestone XProtect requires the Basic Authentication.

In this Report we describe how the MOBOTIX Sync admin can enable the Basic Authentication in the MOBOTIX SYNC.

The follow steps need to be done:

  1. On the MOBOTIX Sync Server open the configuration C:\ProgramData\SyncMNGR\config.xml

  2. Add the follow line to the config as shown in the Line 11(see screenshot)
    MicrosoftTeams-image (55)

  3. Store the change.

  4. Restart the SyncMNGR-Service

After that you can use the Basic Authentication with the MOBOTIX Sync Server.