MOVE API Documents

Documents on MOVE and NVR API are now ready for publishing.
Until MOVE Section in Community was established, find those here.

Mx_RM_MOVE Camera API Parameters_V7.00_EN.pdf (782.7 KB)
Mx_RM_MOVE Camera Standard API Specification_V5.01_EN.pdf (385.7 KB)
Mx_RM_MOVE NVR API_V3.01_EN.pdf (398.3 KB)
Mx_RM_MOVE NVR RTSP API_V3.01_EN.pdf (216.8 KB)

How to trigger a manual Alarm via API:


to press the button


to release the button.

The event is not recognised by the cam if the button is not released first.

Let’s take a look in this short tutorial at how to use the API for the MxMove series, i.e. how to use HTTP API strings to change, for example, a certain value in a particular menu, so that we can automate the parameter access procedure as much as possible without going through the web page.
We are using the Mx-VD1A-5-IR-VA model for this example.

Suppose, for example, we wanted to change the value of ‘Shutter Speed’ normally accessible via the web at the menu:
Camera >> Exposure >> Min Shutter Speed

At the moment this value is set to 1/3.


In general, the steps are as follows:

  1. check the list of possible actions
  2. identify the command that we are interested in
  3. check the available values
  4. send the command

So, applying these steps to our example:

  1. http://<IP_camera>/cgi-bin/admin/param.cgi?action=list
    Note that the ‘action’ clause can assume values in the set {add, remove, update, list}

  2. In the page thus generated, search for the command relating to Shutter with a ‘Ctrl+F’ → “Shutter” and choose the parameter you’re interested in from those found with this procedure (otherwise search for the value you’re interested in in the manual attached to this tutorial and jump to the next step 3.).

  3. From the enclosed manual I check the available values (see p. 76). I find the following available options:
    PAL: 1_425,1_300,1_215,1_150,1_120,1_100,1_75,1_50,1,2,4,8

  4. I choose the value 1_75 as an example and send the following command accordingly: