MxMC 2.6 - New Features MOBOTIX Keyboard and Smart Data Search

With the new MxMc version 2.6, two important innovations have been added that significantly improve the operation of the system.

The first is the support of the MOBOTIX keyboard and the close interaction of MxMC functions. It is a full-fledged control panel for the entire application and much more than just a “simple” joystick.

Among other things, the Smart Data Search has been rebuilt and supports a wide range of Smart Data sources for the search.

For example, it is possible for the user to use several entry cameras equipped with a number plate app in his search as a whole.
→ Which driveway was used by the vehicle with the registration number Kib-Mx-73 last weekend?

With the help of individual search filters, the search time can be reduced many times over.

General information, requirements and restrictions can be found in the release notes:

MOBOTIX Keyboard

A Video how you can use the Keyboard with the MxMC:

This consists of three main components:

  1. A three-axis joystick for the operation of PTZ cameras or the digital zoom.
  2. A keypad with predefined buttons that have been optimally adapted to the operation of the MxMC.
  3. A jog shuttle which is mainly used for playback.

The upper row of buttons allows quick switching of the MxMC application between:

  • Live View
  • Playback View
  • Grid View
  • Building Plan (Graphic View)
  • Info View

This allows the user to switch between views in a flash.

In addition to the jog shuttle, the lower row of buttons is specially designed for playback operation.

The user can navigate in the recording and use the jog shuttle in single-frame mode (inner wheel) to browse the recording very finely step by step. The outer wheel of the jog shuttle determines the playback direction.

In addition to the full screen and starting and stopping the local recording, the left button block offers special selection buttons which, in combination with a number from the middle button block, call up something specific:

  • PTZ selection plus number plus Enter, e.g. select PTZ preset position 9.
  • Monitor selection plus number *
  • Enter, e.g. select the 3 monitor to display the camera.
  • Camera selection plus number plus Enter e.g. select the 23 camera from the camera list and display it.

The right-hand key block is permanently assigned with light and door opening as well as the softbutton functions. The first five softbuttons run on the first keys and further softbuttons can be selected via the softbutton Selection plus Number plus Enter. This can be used very universally, from opening the garage, to pixelating the cameras, to complex API commands for external alarm systems.

The Smart Data Search:

The new search supports the following Smart Data sources:

  • MOBOTIX Events of a P6 or P7 camera (free of charge).
  • P7 camera apps such as Vaxtor ALPR Make Model Color (free of charge once the camera app has been activated/acquired)
  • External Smart Data sources (requires Smart Data licence) such as
    • Huth
    • Vectron
    • CarReader
    • Adixxi and many more

A How to Video:

With the help of the available meta data of the Smart Data sources, the search result with a long list of search results can be reduced efficiently and quickly with the search filters (meta data).

The user can now select a group of cameras and use the Smart Data Search to run the search filters over the selected cameras.

Examples include:

  • Find all activity sensor events from last week of all indoor cameras.
  • Find all AUDI Q7 vehicles on my premises

  • Find all cash voucher transactions on my POS System HUTH cash register that were over 300 euros.

The user can visualise the results as a table or display the events as a preview image catalogue. Each event is displayed with the additional information at the top right of the dialogue with the triggering “moment”. The meta data are arranged in a structured way below and help to evaluate the situation more precisely.

If desired, the results table can also be exported in CSV format for further processing, e.g. with Excel.

In the live display, the Smart Data Bar can be opened in the right-hand area and, depending on the setting of the column data, the user can display the currently delivered meta data. In this Smart Data Bar, the user can use a search function to highlight the search terms in colour and, by double-clicking on an entry, the application jumps to the selected moment in the recording.

The user can individually select the column selection per Smart Data source in the “Component View” under Smart Data.

The user can individually select the column selection per Smart Data source in the “Component View” under Smart Data.

Thanks to the new integrated database that is now automatically included with every MxMC, the meta data of the sources is added to the local database after each search query to significantly speed up new search queries. It is important to understand that the data in the local database are only copies of the original data and can be reloaded from the original source (e.g. camera APP data) at any time. Deleting the application does not result in the loss of the original meta data and therefore the data security is still distributed decentrally.