How To Configure a Thermal Radiometry Event and Audio Announcement

This tutorial explains the step by step configuration of the application below: When the temperature value of the defined area in Thermal Cameras with Thermal Radiometry goes over 45 degrees Celsius, then the camera will make an announcement through its speaker.

  1. General Assumptions Please make sure that you have connected your camera to the network properly and your camera is reachable.
    This tutorial assumes that the camera is in factory default configuration except for network settings.

  2. Configuration Enter the IP address of the camera to go to the live image.


2.1. Enable the microphone and speaker of the camera Click ‘‘Admin Menu’’ to enter the Admin Menu and then click ‘‘Speaker and Microphone’’.


In the ‘‘Speaker and Microphone’’ Menu, enable the Microphone and Speaker and set the sensitivity for the Microphone and the volume for the Speaker. (Note : Click Test button to find out your desired settings)


Then, press ‘‘Set’’ and go back to the ‘‘Admin Menu’’.

2.2. Create a Sound Profile Click ‘‘Sound Profiles’’ in the ‘‘Admin Menu’’.
Click ‘‘Add new profile’’. Give a name to your profile and select your Audio File from the list.
Then, click ‘‘Set’’ and ‘‘Close’’ to store these settings permanently.


2.3. Enable the general arming of the camera so that it may run the events and actions Click ‘‘Setup Menu’’ in the live image to go to ‘‘Setup Menu’’ and then click ‘‘General Event Settings’’.


Then, enable ‘‘Arming’’, click ‘‘Set’’ and return back to ‘‘Setup Menu’’.


2.4. Configure Thermal Radiometry Event Click ‘‘Event Overview’’ and then ‘‘Edit’’ to configure Thermal Radiometry Event in the ‘‘Environment Events’’ section.


Click ‘‘Add new profile’’. Give a name to this profile.
Select ‘‘Thermal Radiometry’’ for Event Sensor Type.


Then, define the measurement area in the live image.
To do that, go to the live image, make a left mouse click while the shift button is pressed to define the top corner of the rectangle; and when the top corner is visible, make a left click without the shift button is pressed to define the bottom corner of the rectangle.


After the rectangle has been defined, go back to the menu and click ‘‘Set Rectangle’’ .
Then select ‘‘Trigger Mode’’, ‘‘Temperature Unit’’, ‘‘Thermal Level’’ etc. as seen in the image below.
Enable ‘‘Show Measurement Area’’ to see the details of the measurement.


Then, click ‘‘Set’’ and return back to the ‘‘Setup Menu’’. (Note: When this is done, you will see the measurement area, level meter and temperature degree as in the image)


2.5. Configure the action profile

Then, click ‘‘Action Group Overview’’ in the ‘‘Setup Menu’’ and ‘‘Add new group’’.
Give a name to the group and then click ‘‘Edit’’ to configure the details.

Select the name of the event profile (TR_Temperature) in the ‘‘Event Selection’’ Section with which the selected actions will run and then, click ‘‘Add new action’’.
Select the Sound Profile (SoundProfile_TR) which has been configured before.

Then, click ‘‘Set’’ and ‘‘Close’’ to store the settings permanently.

  1. Optional Configuration 3.1. Add audio file If it is required to upload an audio file or you wish to record an audio through the microphone of the camera, then follow the steps below.
    Click ‘‘Manage Audio Messages’’ in the ‘‘Admin Menu’’. Add an Audio File by using the ‘‘Upload Voice Messages’’. (Note: Accepted file formats can be seen in the menu and details can be reviewed by clicking the ‘’?’’ symbol on the top right of the menu)
    To record audio using the microphone of the camera, click ‘‘Record’’ as it is seen in the menu. Message duration can be chosen. After recording the audio, give a name and store.



  1. Results and Notes With these settings:

The camera will announce the sound profile named as ‘‘SoundProfile_TR’’ once, every time the temperature of the pixel with the highest temperature in the defined measurement area increases over 45 degrees Celsius.

The event will not be triggered more than once as long as the temperature values remains over 45 degrees. The next trigger of the event will occur only when the temperature goes under 45 degrees and goes over it once again.

When ‘‘One Pixel’’ is used for Trigger Mode in the Thermal Radiometry Event configuration, the camera uses the temperature of the pixel which has the highest temperature in the measurement area when the Comparison is ‘‘Higher Than’’ and it uses the temperature of the pixel which has the lowest temperature in the measurement area when the Comparison is ‘‘Lower Than’’. If you wish that the measurement is done by the percentage of the temperature of the pixels in the measurement area, then select ‘‘Percent’’ in the Trigger Mode.

Remember to consider the technical specifications of the cameras and check their brochure to make sure that your camera model has a built in speaker and microphone or whether you will need an additional equipment.

The settings may be changed and adapted differently according to the application.
It is strongly recommended to participate MOBOTIX Trainings to learn all details concerning configuration and application possibilities.